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Powerwood Baseball Bats 5 Month Warranty 31-34 Inch Lengths

M-21 Flared Handle and M-14 Knob B-52 Bigger Barrel
The Powerwood an all wood bat has been designed to be the best hitters bat. The Hickory handle allows for a slight bending whip while the new TANOAK Barrel Bats with the interlocking barrel puts more energy into the flight of the ball. (5 more hits out every 100 at bats will raise your batting average fifty points). With the patented technology that goes into producing this all wood bat makes its performance a hitters dream. The bat has been tested by teams and players in the Northwest Independent Baseball League and used in Australia, Japan, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Latin and South America with great success.

Powerwood bats are based on a new and improved swing mechanics called Swing Weight and MOI (see Performance charts). Powerwood Bats are somewhat heaver (it’s from the Hickory Handle) but remain more balanced because of its design. Available in lengths 31, 31.5, 32, 32.5, 33, 33.5, and 34

Turn Singles into Doubles and Doubles into Home Runs

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