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Sandlot Stiks

Made from high quality dense American Beech Billets, these bats enable batters to prove themselves. The Perfect Bats for Players in Perfect Game Tournaments
Makers of Professional Bats for Independent Professional Leagues, Semi-Pro Adult Leagues, High School, and College Players Sandlot Stiks High Density New American Beech Wood Bats
Why Swing Beech:
The natural wood sap fills in the microscopic fiber matrix when dried causing a denser wood than maple, ash and birch. The beech bat surface will compressed with every hit and then rebound when the bat ball contact is made . Beech bats will have more flex allowing a stronger whipping action when hitting a baseball. A denser wood will vibrate less thus providing more ball bat explosion on contact.
American Beech Bats made here in America are always delivered freshly made.
Life's A Beech Go Out and Prove Yourself

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