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Vulcan Bat Grip The Best Grip made For Baseball and Softball Bats New and Old

Vulcan Bat Wrap The Best Grip made For Baseball and Softball Bats New and Old
Light 1.00 mm advanced polymer grip for maximum feel and control in dry or wet conditions.
The 1.0 MM thicknesses is the best thickness with wood and composite wood bats – with a virtually endless selection of exciting colors, patterns, and exclusive designs. Vulcan Bat wrap also eliminated bat sting on cold morning workouts. After testing in the Northwest Independent Baseball League last Summer it was determined that the 1.00MM lasted the longest but did not overly increase bat handle feel or diameter.

Each Vulcan Bat grip features the state-of-the-art “Maze” imprint, with both horizontal and vertical debossed grooves for the ultimate gripping solution.  Vulcan Grip also is designed to fit the natural lines on your hands for added slip resistance. The patented edge technology resists roll to ensure a secure flat surface.
The Looser the hands when gripping a Bat allows a faster swing in the hitting zone
Each grip comes complete with peel-back underside adhesive strip plus finishing tape;
easy and fast to apply to any bat handle.
Softball Bat Grips, Baseball Bat Grips, Tennis Racket Grips
Fits all baseball/softball bats − wood, alloy, and composite.
Vulcan Bat Tape can be used on any item that needs a a Perfect Grip  Purchase Here